Tech Talk: WordPress opening up new high-tech worlds

We all say the name Google with hushed reverence for its business model and aggressive ownership of the ability to slice and dice the Internet. Since its rise, we’ve all sort of hoped for another megalopoly, and while some have reached superstar status (Facebook) and others have pretended to be (Twitter), there’s one tech company ...


  1. WordPress is not a company. WordPress.com is a hosted service owned and operated by Automattic, which is a company. WordPress.org is an open-source project although a mix of the core team is made up of Automattic employees.

  2. Hi Jeffro,

    Thank you for adding this clarification. The ownership relationship between WordPress and Automattic has bee a little mystifying to me, and I am glad for your statement.


  3. I use WP for most of my projects…. it has saved me so much time.
    Dream wearer took so much time, updating was a pain.

    What took me 1 hour in the past I can now do in 10 minutes.
    CMS have came a long why I first used one back in 2005, they are the only way to go….

    Good post..

  4. Sterling — I know, right? The easy modules, the automatic updates for security patches… I don’t know why anyone would shy away from it!

    The CMS in 2005 were a godsend and the beginning of a much needed trend in Web development. Have you noticed that your development costs are way down too? I can put up twice as many sites for the same $$ now that the technology works with me.

    [insert the hallelujah chorus here]


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