Baltimore man charged after $2.6 million metal heist

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore scrap yard owner is accused of trying to sell $2.6 million in industrial metals, mostly nickel, after a Labor Day weekend heist from an importer.

Sixty-five-year-old Alan Verschleisser (VERSH-ly-zur) has been charged in a federal criminal complaint with knowingly possessing stolen goods from an international shipment.

The stolen nickel briquettes were inside shipping containers and were worth $2.5 million. Also stolen was about 110,000 pounds of ferrochrome, worth around $100,000.

According to the complaint, Verchleisser’s scheme unraveled when he tried to sell the nickel briquettes to a Swiss-based supplier. Authorities searched his scrap yard and recovered most of the stolen nickel.

Verschleisser was arrested as he tried to board a flight to Israel at a New York airport.

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  1. This is an out right lie. He was not getting on to a plan in New York. He was not going on any plane. He had a ticket to visit his children, which he had already canceled because he had been told about this charge. Get your fax straight. He never stole anything. Some people asked him to find out the going rate. He never bought or sold anything. I think he should sue you and the Baltimore Sun Paper for lies that you print. He was not trying to board an airplane at all. How do you get the nerve to lie and ruin a persons good name, SHAME on you. When the truth comes out, I hope you experience the carp that he has to go through. Then you will see how horrible a position you put people through.

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