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GBC asks state leaders to adopt 8 ‘pillars’ for business growth

A report released Monday by the Greater Baltimore Committee implores elected officials in Maryland to adopt eight “core pillars” for the state economy and job creation.

The GBC says these core pillars, developed in consultation with business leaders, are designed to push a fair and competitive tax structure for businesses, a positive attitude from the state government with regard to supporting businesses and superior transportation and infrastructure.

“The number one priority of Maryland government policy makers, now and in the foreseeable future, has to be job creation and business development,” said Donald C. Fry, GBC president and CEO, in a press release. “These principles constitute a policy game plan for Maryland the successfully compete for business in the post-recession economy.”

The GBC study surveyed 50 CEOs and business owners, former state secretaries of Maryland’s Department of Business and Economic Development and economic development directors.

Other recommendations in the report, titled “Gaining the Competitive Edge,” include developing a highly educated work force, stable and predictable regulatory business policies, public policies that nurture business growth and a marketing strategy to draw in businesses to the state.

“The GBC will be urging state elected leaders to keep these foremost in the minds while considering legislation action and to use them to craft a strategic plan for statewide job creation and business growth,” Fry said.

Click here to read the report.