Top 5: Bernstein, the ‘cloud’ and 2 suits dismissed

Gregg Bernstein's appointment of two lawyers to key posts on his staff was the top staff story in law this week. Following closely behind were two lawsuits dismissed by judges. 1. Bernstein names Elizabeth Embry, George Hazel to leadership posts - by Brendan Kearney Baltimore City State’s Attorney-elect Gregg Bernstein has named two relatively young lawyers to “key leadership positions” in his administration, his first public hires since edging out longtime incumbent Patricia C. Jessamy in September’s primary election. George Hazel was a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and, until Friday, Prince George’s County. Elizabeth Embry, a Baltimore native Jessamy hired out of law school, most recently stood in for Bernstein’s wife as acting director of the Mayor’s Office on Criminal Justice during this summer’s campaign. 2. Judge dismisses federal suit over ‘live burn’ fatality - by Barbara Grzincic The “live burn” training exercise that cost Racheal Wilson her life does not create grounds for a civil rights action in U.S. District Court, a federal judge has ruled.

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