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Tax bill gains 60 votes in Senate

WASHINGTON — Legislation to avert a Jan. 1 increase in income tax rates has gained 60 votes in the Senate, the level needed to advance toward a final vote.

The roll call is continuing, and the test vote is not final. But the bipartisan show of support is a strong indication the measure will be passed and sent to the House, possibly as early as Tuesday.

The bill provide a two-year reprieve in the tax increases that are scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1 at all income levels. It also reduces Social Security taxes for every wage earner in 2011 and extends an expiring program of jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed.

One comment

  1. 1. The tax measure should continue untill a bill that will
    include that all Americans pay their share of the tax.
    2. There is far to many on the Gov. payroll.
    3. To many individuals in the USA get paid with cash and don’t pay any tax.

    There needs to be a bill passed that will have a tax on all purchases, (a flat rate tax nation wide). Those who make a great amount of money will pay more taxes because they will purchase more, and others income will adjust to how much they will purchase, everyone will pay the same per centage of tax on their purchase.
    There would not be any income tax, Fed. or State each of them will collect a percentage of the tax collected at the time of each purchase for their individual needs; and then the Federal Gov. and State Gov’s will need to structure their financial system to accommodate their expendentures and not to exceed the projected income, we as small businesses have to do this so we don’t over spend. For Social Security the tax would be collected at the time of purchase also, all of the tax would be at the time of purchase. There is a system on how the tax would be imposed and it’s distribution, this would all need to be designed at the time of the formulating the regulation of the bill.
    This will put more people back to work and cause new businesses to start, it takes good stewardship to accomplish what is needed in America today.
    I will be happy to be invited to a meeting and discuss this with those in congress and sentate both Federal and State.

    Porky the pig that has residence in Washington, DC will need to find a new home, go back to the farm or the meat market.if the money spent on pork in DC was put to good use it would create new jobs by the corporation that spend the funds to get what they want instead of using the funds to create new jobs.
    a) give the funds to build bridges, schools,libiraies,roads, start new businesses, churches etc.
    b) it appears in DC congress, sentate (for the most part) you are like a lot full of hungry hogs waiting for the corn to be put in for feeding and then you scratch and crowd one another to see who can get the most or all of what is available.

    You have created a system that causes individuals to live off of the Gov. and not provide for themself or their family’s. this system will need to go. when we get back to carring and doing for others first on an individual basis then we will begin to do what is right.