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Tech Talk: Relationships still rule with apps (access required)

The age of the app is upon us. It seems that everyone — from consumer brands to celebrities — is launching mobile applications these days. Why? Because the media landscape has become irreparably fragmented and they’re looking for any possible way to connect with their audiences. With more than 7 billion downloads from the Apple ...


  1. Nice piece, Mark! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 10 years of customer support, it’s exactly that – it’s all about the relationships you build with your clients and supporters. Ignore that at your peril.

  2. Picture great, article great (and so are you!)

  3. Thanks Paul. Too often we get sidetrack with what’s hot or what’s cool and forget about solving problems. Utility is always in style.

  4. Nice article Mark. This is very poignant for me as we are in the process of developing an app for our customers that I hope will be useful for their on-the-go lifestyle and further strengthen our relationships. It might also end up being a good marketing tool to attract new customers as well. It is nice to see some of my ideas about approach solidified here.

  5. Great article Mark, looking forward to sharing it my son.