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BGE workers again vote against union representation

Baltimore Gas & Electric workers have come out overwhelmingly against union representation after a two-day long vote that ended Friday.

The vote for union representation — handled by the National Labor Relations Board — was 304-135 against representation by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1900. It marked the fourth time the union was unsuccessful in an attempt to organize non-supervisory employees at the Baltimore-based utility.

“We are extremely pleased that once again, BGE employees have chosen overwhelmingly to remain union free,” BGE spokesman Robert Gould said in an e-mail.

IBEW Local 1900 President John Holt said he was disappointed but not surprised at the outcome. He said he felt support for representation waned as workers attended company meetings where it was implied job security under unionization was uncertain.

“I’m not shocked at the results,” Holt said. “”If you tell people they might not have a job, and it’s a week before Christmas, what do you think the vote will be?”

Holt said he did not plan to contest the election results. He also did not rule out the possibility of a fifth try if workers again showed interest.


  1. “The biggest concern is that some day BGE will be sold, and there’s no guarantee of a job if that happens.”

    How can any compang guarantee a job?

  2. It can’t come soon enough and it will be a welcome relief for someone with sense and a heart to buyout or take down BGE(Baltimore’s Gangsters of Energy) For their cold and Heartless practices against Customers who FOR SOME REASON CANNOT PAY ABILL AND mR, gOULD, i WISH YOU WOULD STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA ABOUT HOW bge WORKS WITH IT’S CUSTOMERS AND HOW THEY CARE. i WISH THE WORST FOR BGE AND Hope no baiklouts will be offered.You should all be charged with committing crimes and should be investigated for your lies.