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Maryland unemployment rate in Nov. stays at 7.4%

Maryland unemployment rate in Nov. stays at 7.4%

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Maryland added 2,100 jobs in November, the sixth straight month of gains but not enough to bring the state’s unemployment rate down from 7.4 percent.

Maryland has now generated approximately 39,000 net jobs since January, state officials said. That’s the largest year-to-date increase since 2000, with jobs added at a rate (1.6 percent) that is higher than the national growth rate during that period.

The 2,100 jobs mark the largest November gain since 2006.

“That fact, combined with the payroll numbers, is a very positive indicator of economic strength,” said Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Secretary Alexander M. Sanchez. “Maryland’s unemployment rate remains nearly 25 percent below the national average, as it has all year.”

The national unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in November.

The trade, transportation, warehousing, and utilities sector added 3,900 jobs, state officials said, while the construction sector added 1,100 positions.

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