Defense lawyers honor Louis B. Curran

Louis Brendan Curran

Louis Brendan Curran

Louis Brendan Curran, an attorney in the Felony Trial Division of the Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore, received the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Leadership Award this fall.

He credits Maryland colleagues’ donation of $5,000 with rejuvenating the association’s Foundation for Criminal Justice. For years, through “Orioles Nights” and other ventures Curran has been raising money for the association and its Maryland affiliate, the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Association, on whose board he sits.

Curran has been active in promoting peace, recycling, and finding a cure for AIDS. He also raises money for the Maryland SPCA and to pay stipends to law students for internships and clerkships in nonprofit law.

Louis Brendan Curran

Education: Lawrence Academy; B.A., Johns Hopkins University; University of Maryland School of Law.
Resides in: Lauraville (NE Baltimore)
Daily commute: 10 minutes by pickup truck to city jails, five minutes by bike to the office.
Most recent vacation: Paris/Giverny, France; Campobello Island and Quebec, Canada.
Hobbies: Reading. Organizing small fundraisers for charities (NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice; MdSPCA; Research Associates Foundation; CCYD)
Favorite book: “The Sot-Weed Factor” by John Barth
Most recently read: “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” by Stieg Larsson; “An Execution in the Family” by Robert Meeropol; “Ashanti to Zulu” by Margaret Musgrove.
Favorite food: Koco’s crab cakes; Gifford’s of Main’s blueberry ice cream.
Workday breakfast: HoneyNut Cheerios, a diet Pepsi and a diet Red Bull.
Favorite quotations: “Occupy high ground!” and “The liberties of none are safe unless the liberties of all are protected.” — William O. Douglas
Motto to live by: “One world!”
Predictions: Marijuana will be legalized and taxed circa 2020; Orioles will win the World Series before then!


  1. A well deserved honor. Should have mentioned his passion for softball.

  2. Ralph E. Moore, Jr.


    You’ve been a highly dedicated people person since Johns Hopkins days. On behalf of all of those you’ve helped, thank you.

    Ralph E. Moore, Jr.

  3. Ginina A. Stevenson


    You are so deserving of this award. You have always worked long and hard for the under-privileged.

    A big Congratulations to you!

  4. Lou, way to go! Always great to see the true champions of justice for all recognized and honored.

  5. Sarah Curran Annecone

    Louis! You’re wonderful and we’ve always known it–nice to see you receive this recognition.
    Your baby sister is always proud of you!

  6. Congratulations to you ! We are proud of you and for you —happy to know you and thrilled you have this award– Moira and Willy too

  7. Trooper “B” and the rest of the MD State Police salute you – as do all your compatriots at LA! Congratulations!!!

  8. Congrats Louie. You’ve retained your social consciousness, activism and commitment throughout the decades. I count you as one of my co-swimmers against the stream. SB

  9. Raymond McConnie Zapater

    Lou, you are a giant among men! Few people know the value of your commitment, more than considerable intelligence, and the difficulties of your job. I bow to you, old Lawrencian!

    Ray McConnie

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