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Former Exec. Jack Johnson no longer electronically monitored

WASHINGTON — A Washington radio station says former Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson no longer has to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Johnson was arrested last month on charges of evidence tampering and destroying evidence in a federal investigation. Johnson left office early this month when his second term ended.

According to WTOP-FM, Johnson’s attorney argued in court papers on Dec. 22 that his client was being hampered in his efforts to defend himself and find a new job because of the electronic monitoring device. A day after Johnson’s attorney filed the motion, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Connelly ruled Johnson no longer needed electronic monitoring.


  1. Mr. Johnson should not have been held electronically anyway.

  2. Presumed innocent until proven guilty is the lip service our corrupt criminal system embraces. Johnson like other unethical scum regardless of being white or black.

    It is the MONIED, privileged that keep being given leeway and judges consideration. We need to revolt against this biased criminal system. You and I would not get this consideration regardless. CRIME PAYS…unfortunately it doesn’t happen to enough prosecutors, judges, senators, etc., to make them cognizant of the corrupt system that they benefit from. HELL, they made it