New Year’s resolution: Learn a new language

I’m trilingual: I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. As a Puerto Rican, I grew up speaking Spanish as a child. When I moved to Maryland at the age of 7, I learned English. My knowledge of Portuguese only developed in the past two years as I used my fluency in Spanish to springboard into a similarly structured language. Considering this is a time of resolutions and newfound determination, I thought I’d share one of my resolutions: to become conversational in another language, specifically, French. While this may seem like an arbitrary goal, my objective is linked to my legal profession. As an attorney, my linguistic capabilities have helped me greatly. As one can imagine, fluency in the same language as your client allows you to communicate and exchange information in a natural, relaxed manner. In fact, the ability to create a more inviting environment often encourages a greater exchange of information and leads to less surprises in the courtroom (as a public defender this has helped me tremendously).

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