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SALT shakes award at Haddon

University of Maryland law school Dean Phoebe Haddon was in San Francisco last week to receive the Society of American Law Teachers’ Great Teacher Award. Haddon was honored at a dinner Friday night.

Haddon is a longtime SALT member and served as co-president from 1997-1999.

“It’s a tremendous organization. I’m proud to be a part of it,” she said last week from the Bay Area. “It certainly helped develop me as a law professor and taught me to be a better teacher.”

The award cites in part Haddon’s role in protecting the law school’s environmental law clinic during the General Assembly’s session last year, a controversy sparked by the clinic’s representation of environmentalists suing Perdue Farms and family farmers.

The SALT meeting coincides with the annual meeting of The Association of American Law Schools, which meant Haddon was doing a lot of schmoozing when she wasn’t attending programs.

“I spend a lot of my time at this type of meeting talking to alums in the area,” she said.