Mayor Rawlings-Blake orders independent review of shooting

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says she has ordered both internal and external investigations of a shooting by police outside a nightclub that left an officer and a civilian dead.

Police say all of the 41 shots fired early Sunday morning were fired by officers. The officer who was killed was in plain clothes and may have been mistaken for a suspect.

Rawlings-Blake says the city has been in contact with outside agencies about investigating the shooting, but a final decision hasn’t been made about who’ll conduct the external review.

She says police policies and procedures are likely to be changed in an effort to prevent similar tragedies in the future, but she won’t be requesting any major changes until after the investigation is completed.

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  1. As a resident of Baltimore, I would like to know which outside agencies are being considered to perform this investigation. Perhaps the situation would be better served if an investigative group was formed from working, tax-paying City residents who’d volunteer to serve on such a group.

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