Tech Talk: Put digital conversations into perspective and take your life back

As a special surprise for the New Year, I learned that one of my e-mail accounts had an issue that kept me from seeing 5,582 new messages over the course of the past year. I told my husband about it, and he was amazed that I didn’t spend the next day poring through the ...

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  1. I think rudeness has permeated society far beyond social media and email. Of course, those forms of communication have the immediate gratification aspect factored into (and part of) their rudeness. Not even to mention the misuse of the Outlook exclamation point for important messages.

    Somehow, however, we have progressed toward the point where it is acceptable for companies to make everything into an actual or proverbial sales call and ask you twenty questions when, really, you only want to order/purchase exactly what you have decided to purchase. And, interestingly, sales has turned their rude upselling into a situation where the customer is the impolite one for having to say “No, I do not want Widget B, I only came to purchase Widget A” or for cancelling no longer needed/wanted services (think of the horror stories about cancelling AOL services).

    Personally, I have stopped or limited transactions with certain companies because of their constant approach to “sales” over customer service. Try going into a Bath & Body Works one day and see how many times you are asked what you are looking for, if you want to try a new product, have a product shoved in your face, etc. Visits to that store are painful enough, and are made even more painful by a focus on sales over customer service.

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