Defense seeks GI’s release in WikiLeaks case

Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning

HAGERSTOWN — The lawyer for a U.S. Army private suspected of passing thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks says he has asked the government to release his client from a Marine Corps brig due to what he says are needlessly harsh pretrial confinement conditions.

Civilian attorney David Coombs of Fall River, Mass., said in a blog posting Thursday that the conditions of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s confinement in Quantico, Va., are more rigorous than needed to ensure his presence at trial.

Coombs also says the concerns raised by the government when Manning was first detained in May no longer apply.

The 23-year-old intelligence analyst is being held under maximum-security and injury-prevention rules that keep him confined alone for 23 hours a day.

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  1. I’m assuming that he is on BREAD AND WATER too!! HE SHOULD BE!

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