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Maryland to consider banning interstate abortions

Maryland lawmakers will consider legislation to ban the sort of interstate abortions performed last year by a New Jersey doctor.

Delegate Michael Smigiel has introduced three bills in response to revelations about Dr. Steven Brigham, who operated an abortion clinic in Elkton. His license to practice medicine has been suspended after regulators found that he was starting late-term abortions in New Jersey, then ferrying patients to Maryland to complete the procedures.

Smigiel, a Cecil County Republican, says his law office is less than a block from Brigham’s clinic and that he was “shocked” to learn what was going on there. One of his bills would mandate that an abortion begun in the state must be concluded in the state except during an emergency.


  1. Someone else’s abortion is none of your business.

    Just what we need, another legislator imposing their morals on everyone else. Someone should make a law.

  2. Abortions should not be legal! WRONG,,WRONG,,WR0NG! ONLY in the case of rape should they be allowed. As for the others who just throw their legs open for fun,,,,,,,,, let them deal with it,, NOT MY TAXS! Its high time that people start takeing care of their selves,, not the gov!

  3. Abortion is Murder. Period! did you know that just after 18 days The Child has a beating heart? Did you know that it has been proven that the Child tries to get away from the abortion tools and the child feels pain? The difference between Murder and Abortion is a word and a Medical License.

  4. The baby being aborted is everyone’s business.