Fledgling Fells Point retail row hopes for Apple boost

Near the foot of Broadway in Fells Point, a slice of high-tech chic has surfaced. Capitolmac, an independent Apple computer store, is selling dozens of iPads, iMacs and most other products made by the company inside a charming, narrow brick row house. “At first, we thought it was a little bit overlooked,” said Dheeraj Vasishta, owner of ...


  1. A welcomed addition to our neighborhood. As a fellow Fells Point business owner (aMuse Toys)we are delighted to have Capitol Mac as neighbors.

  2. Melody, “…a fledgling retail row in Fells Point…”? Where did you get your information? Other than properties in development, Fell’s Point has not had a sustained vacancy for years and vertually zero through the Great Recession. There may even be a story in this. Thank you.