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Ocean City’s boardwalk to get cyber-scrutiny

You can help determine the look and feel of Ocean City’s new boardwalk by voting online.

The city is asking for the public to voice its opinion on the type of surface used on the popular promenade. The online poll is available from Tuesday through Feb. 28 through the town’s municipal website or its tourism website. Voters can choose from the following:

  • An all-wood surface. The supporting structure of the boardwalk might be built with different materials; however it would look the same as it does now. This is the most traditional yet most expensive option to build and maintain, according to the city’s website;
  • Replacing boards with a plain concrete train lane. From 4th to 27th streets, the boardwalk would be replaced with a combination of wood board and concrete. The boardwalk would be divided into three lanes. The inner 11-foot-wide lane, where the boardwalk train usually runs, would be a plain concrete surface that would look like the lane that exists now. The city said this is the least expensive option to build and maintain;
  • Boards with a stamped concrete train lane. This option would be similar to the second option, and would replace the boardwalk from 4th to 27th streets with two outer lanes surfaced with boards and an inner concrete train lane. The concrete would be colored and stamped to look like wood boards.

The mayor and city council will hold a public hearing March 7 on the results of the online poll.

Renovating the boardwalk would cost the city between $6 million to $10 million if replaced with all wood, or $5 million to $8 million if the city renovated with concrete, said Ocean City spokeswoman Donna Abbott.