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The Exxon witness who wasn’t there

The Exxon trial is on hiatus today in Baltimore County Circuit Court. (No school = jurors do not have to report.) On Monday, jurors saw the videotaped deposition of Joseph V. Mocsary, the Exxon Mobil Corp. employee in charge of maintenance and repair at hundreds of gas stations in the mid-Atlantic, including the one in Jacksonville.

Mocsary was one witness I was looking forward to seeing in person; during the first trial, he spent seven contentious days on the witness stand. A small sample:

So it went for [Stephen L.] Snyder and Mocsary during the latter’s four-hour testimony, his second day on the witness stand. Snyder… would attempt to point out a contradiction in Mocsary’s testimony through either an earlier deposition or correspondence. Mocsary, in response, would try to give a fuller explanation of his earlier statements or correct Snyder’s rephrasing of his testimony.

“You’re twisting the words,” Mocsary said at one point.

“Yeah, I’m twisting the words,” Snyder responded sarcastically, after earlier accusing Mocsary of “making things up.”

Mocsary was also on the witness stand when lawyers on both sides nearly came to blows. But it appears lawyers from The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, who are representing the plaintiffs in the current trial, will only be using the video deposition. (Lawyers from the Angelos firm are not discussing the case while it is ongoing.)

Jim Sanders, Exxon Mobil’s lead lawyer, said the defense would make a decision about whether to bring Mocsary into court after the plaintiffs rest their case.

The trial will resume whenever Baltimore County Public Schools reopen.