Tech Talk: Ignore Twitter at your brand’s peril

My grandfather didn’t graduate from grammar school. But he was perhaps the smartest person I’ve ever met. His intellect wasn’t ornamented. Tom Maloney was a brass-tacks, bottom-line type of guy who built his bookcases with his own two hands between shifts at the American Smelting and Refining Co. One of the most important lessons that he ...


  1. Good post. I love your line, “I had been blessed with an intoxicating blend of inflated self-image and a seething intolerance for stupidity. I instinctively meet any intellectual provocation with instant snark and condescension.” That also describes me very well, although I don’t have your acumen on the snarky outputs. Good stuff.

  2. In some places, they call people like us “jerks”. 😉

    Thanks for reading…and for the kind words.

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