The ‘art’ of posting to Facebook and Twitter

One of the better features offered by social media giant Facebook is the ability to "hide" a person or page from your news feed, effectively preventing you from having to see updates that don't interest you. This way, you don't have to rudely "unfriend" someone, but you can politely ignore them (without them ever knowing). Of the 500-some friends I have accumulated on Facebook in the past six years, I would estimate that 300 or more of them have been hidden from my feed, leaving more room for updates that I am interested in. Social media entrepreneur Peter Shankman recently posted his "Top 10 Things That Get You Unfollowed/Unfriended" (unfollowed being a reference to Twitter). Some of Shankman's tips are incredibly accurate, such as number nine: 9) Play any game on Facebook that requires you to post on my wall that you need “coins” “vegetables” “guns” or anything similar. And number two: 2) Ignore the basics. Please. “At the store. Buying a latte. Doing my laundry. Looking at a dog.” OK, really? We get it.

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