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Baltimore draws big spenders for cruises

ANNAPOLIS — Carnival Cruise Line’s biggest spenders depart from the Port of Baltimore, the state’s top ports official is saying.

James White, executive director of the Maryland Ports Administration, told lawmakers Friday that the city’s cruise business is “booming” and that Carnival has said the most money it reaps aboard ships are on those departing from Baltimore.

The Port of Baltimore is scheduled for 112 cruise trips this year and has already planned 95 cruises for next year, White told members of the Senate’s budget committee. Carnival began booking cruises from Baltimore in 2009.


  1. It would really be good if there would be cruise ships going directly from the port of Baltimore to Mexico and Puerto Rico. To date, I have not found any. The pert of Balto. departure really beats flying!

  2. ………rest assured there not fome Baltimore…I live here and wish I was one of them

  3. I just returned from a Baltimore based Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. I’ve been on other cruises and did notice and was quite surprised at the willingness of my fellow passengers to buy onboard merchandise, liquor, drinks, jewelery, casino gambling, and spa services. Really not just willingness, but even eagerness.

    The only holdback seemed to be David’s Steakhouse. It seemed the only underbought ship service. We made purchases on the ship and would have been more tempted by a French or Italian premium restaurant.

    Definately a well run ship. I would make a similar cruise again and have been recommending the Carnival Pride to my friends, coworkers and family. The convenience of sailing right out of Baltimore was wonderful.

    JJ – Marriottsville


    This is a plus for cruisers like myself. In ten years, I’ve only used Carnival once.But the fact that the ships are leaving Baltimore is great. I cruised every year for the last ten years and three years ago, I started cruising every six months.This beats me driving to Bayonne New Jersey or flying to Ft. Lauderdale which really isn’t bad.I finished a cruise last November on Celebrity Mercury {leaving out of Baltimore}and have to fly to Ft. Lauderdale April 11, 2011. I wish more Royal Caribbean cruises would come through. Also, most of the cruised coming leaving out of New Jersey are less expensive than coming out of Baltimore.