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Married moms OK on birth certificates in Maryland

Two women can now be named as mothers on birth certificates without a court order in Maryland.

In a letter to birth registrars on Thursday, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene states that beginning no later than March 1, a woman can be named as a parent of a child born to her same-sex spouse. Previously, a same-sex female spouse had to obtain a court order to be named as a parent.

If a woman who delivers a child indicates that she is married, then registrars will enter that spouse’s information into the vital records system, regardless of gender.

The change is a response to Attorney General Doug Gansler’s opinion last year that state agencies should recognize out-of-state gay marriages until the Legislature or courts decide otherwise. Maryland law defines marriage as between a man and woman.


  1. Thats a load of bull. Gays are getting too much too soon. When women can fertilize themselves then they should be on the birth certificate!

  2. Gays are getting too much too soon. Wtf does that even mean? They always had their rights, but thanks to a group of uneducated morons on the subject of gays and lesbians, people who are highly insecure, believe in an imaginary spooky competent father figure for morality or “it isn’t natural” (we made up what is and isn’t natural like many other things) people who say that can’t expand beyond that without being predictable; it has always been hung in the balance of hatred.

    Lesbians are still able to produce life, just they choose to use a sperm bank or an actual man; like any woman who happen to be heterosexual and doesn’t want a man in her life when all she wants to be is a single mother (but of course no one attacks that person do they? Nope)

    Time for people to grow up and attend to your life and stop being so ugly towards a life/life style that has Z E R O about, with or to you or harms you.