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Social Security warns of furlough from budget cuts

WASHINGTON — The Social Security Administration is warning of possible worker furloughs as House Republicans debate spending cuts that would affect the agency.

The agency sent a notice to the union representing Social Security workers saying it wanted to negotiate the implementation of possible furloughs if budget cuts warrant them. The notice said the agency has not yet decided whether to impose furloughs.

House Republicans are debating a spending plan to keep the federal government running through Sept. 30. House Republicans say their plan would cut Social Security’s administrative budget by $125 million from current levels. Republicans say their plan would also cut $500 million from a reserve fund.

Democrats complain that the cut would leave Social Security with $1.7 billion less than President Barack Obama requested in his budget.

One comment

  1. Its a wasteful organization that has never been economically efficient for its purposes. Its had a history of blowing its budget on wasteful programs/training while its employees continue to get pay raises. JUST LOOK AT THEIR ENTIRE BUDGET AND YOU WILL SEE really isnt too difficult to understand but, beware, it will make you sick, especially if you are trying to be more fiscally responsible in your own home and cutting back on your own expenses in order to survive and keep your home. Simply ask anyone who has ever had to deal with the arrogance and inefficiency of The SSA and you will know exactly why the Republicans are debating this plan. Its full of fiscal abuse. I guess we will be finding that out soon enough. A perfect example of this is their daycare facilities. Their employees are charged over $1000.00 a month to basically warehouse their children in a Federal Prison w/ low grade and poorly trained contract security gaurds wearing antiquated 38 cal. revolvers openly around the kids. They call this a “discounted Govt. rate”…lol! What a joke! Again, a perfect example of wastful affirmative action policies/programs. Try openly wearing 38 cal. pistol on YOUR hip to protect YOUR child and we will be reading about YOU in this very paper being arrested for handgun violations.

    Also, understand one more important thing: Maryland’s real estate market is driven by govt. employment. We are addicted to it. These employees do less work than you, yet get paid more in comparison to the majority of Marylander’s. Who else can afford to pay over $1000.00 a month for childcare???? Do the simple math. Calculate the ratios and it will be apparent. Its shameful.