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Man involved in Maryland semen attacks gets probation

ROCKVILLE — A Maryland man who pleaded guilty to squirting semen from a bottle onto two female shoppers will spend three years on probation.

A judge sentenced Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. to three years in prison on Thursday but suspended the sentence and placed Edwards on probation. That means he will not serve any more time in jail unless he violates his probation. Edwards pleaded guilty in November to two counts of second-degree assault.

His lawyer, Barry Helfand, said Edwards is a law-abiding and churchgoing member of the community and that he will be seeing a therapist while on probation. Helfand said a doctor told the court that Edwards’ actions were the result of misplaced anger after breaking up with a girlfriend.


  1. Um, this guy is a church going man?? With semen in a bottle…..hmmmm…..looks like he is violating a lot of biblical precepts….on top of this, probation??? Does he have HIV? Hepatitis?? This was a dangerous act, one step away from rape….by its act and motivation…..

    I will leave you all with one thought…what do you think would have happened to the person who took offence at this and beat the snot out of him for this assault?? Probably would look at more then probation.

    This guy needs to be put on a list for anger against women….I bet he has a lot of skeletons in the closet…SNORT>>>>>church going?? That doesn’t mean he is a good person.

  2. Probation??? The judge is a joke. If this pervert had done that to my wife, I would have put him in hospital and I have no doubt I would be the one in jail. Does he go on the sex crime list now? There is no longer any protection for residents of Maryland.