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New lawyer blog roundup

Over the course of the past week, all four members of my family have been stricken with some permutation of fever, coughing, vomiting, chills and runny nose.

As a parent, there are few things that I enjoy less than checking my baby’s temperature rectally.  We’ve tried our best to quarantine everyone as much as possible, and today everyone is finally back to work/day care except me.  I’m doing the telecommuting thing, and I might catch one of my afternoon appointments and just call it a day while the antibiotics continue to do their thing.

So, here’s some good Monday reading:

  • Avoid becoming a medication error statistic:  Virginia lawyer Ben Glass gives six tips for all of us to prevent medication errors.
  • Cloud computing:  Noted tech lawyer Bob Ambrogi discusses the California bar’s recent opinion on the ethics of cloud computing (essentially, storing confidential client information in some form on the Internet).  Every firm should evaluate what they are putting out there.
  • Model jury instructions for “plugged in” jurors:  One lawyer took a stab at some proposed jury instructions to instruct jurors on conflating their trial responsibilities and social networking opportunities.
  • Typography:  This is what passes for fashionable lately among us nerd lawyers.  There are a whole host of articles and books being written about the use the type, white space, margins and everything related to typography, as a complement to the persuasion of our actual words. Click the link and click “One-Click Download” to get a recent paper on typography by the University of Colorado’s legal writing professor, Derek Kiernan-Johnson.

Stay healthy, everyone.