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Nurses at DC’s largest hospital begin strike

WASHINGTON — Nurses at Washington’s largest hospital have begun a one-day strike over wages and patient care.

Nurses were protesting outside the Washington Hospital Center on Friday morning. They began the strike at 7 a.m., and it is supposed to last until 7 a.m. Saturday.

However, hospital officials say they are planning to lock out the nurses for an additional four days after the strike ends. The hospital says that’s because they have to pay replacement nurses for an entire week’s work. But the union says the lockout is punitive and will compromise patient care.

The hospital has 926 beds and is owned by Columbia-based MedStar Health.


  1. Speaking from a nurses point of view, if this is what it will take to increase patient safety and decrease patient load which causes comprimise in patient care, I will come and beat the pavement with you. Nurses must unite come together and fight for patient safety regardless of place of employment. These unsafe practices are taking place across the country. Nurses continue to fight for what we all believe in: PATIENT SAFETY

  2. Then why walk out in the first place? Can’t this be settled without “compromising patient care” as the nurses claim is going on? I heard on the news that they get some pretty good money already.