Constellation opposes offshore wind power mandates

Constellation Energy says requiring utilities to buy offshore wind power will cost customers billions at the expense of more cost-effective clean-energy alternatives.

Gov. Martin O’Malley is supporting a bill to require state utilities to enter into decades-long contracts for offshore wind energy, which he says will create jobs and cut pollution.

Constellation Energy and its utility subsidiary, Baltimore Gas & Electric, say projected costs for pending mid-Atlantic offshore wind projects show customers would pay between $2.7 billion and $7.5 billion more over 20 years. And the company says that would also likely increase borrowing costs and hamper deregulation that has resulted in significant private investment in wind, solar and energy efficiency technologies.

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  1. Change is scary, and requires work. Constellation is concerned they will lose market and profits. They have already cost us a fortunate by giving away assets, manipulating the system and as I told them, if they didn’t care being greedy, no one could stop them. They seem to have become much like our own government, able to tax more as long as they showed more costs. Well they did just that. Give away assets and that no longer offset expenses.
    What was once a noble and well respected and even loved company by employees and customers alike has morphed into a profit greedy held ownership with directors that seek only to stay in power, just like so many politicians who found in a republic the cookie jar is guarded by the hand stealing the cookies. I am all for profit, but I am also for good humane management. Our goal should be to make the necessities of life cheap if not manageble and expend our wealth and efforts to help get what we all really want, unlimited vacations for all. But then who will pay that bill? Actually a good days efforts are better rewarded when the efficency of our results are 90% or higher. Our Government and utilities have broken that rule and operated between 40-65% efficient. Unintended consequences continue to drag our society like a ship’s anchor left to drag behind. No matter how much power we expend we can’t go any faster.
    And while big customers like our government and industry have taken steps to use less energy, sales and profits drop that can only be made up by incresed prices to those who cannot afford them.

    Truth be known, we should get our house in order & pull up the anchor. Who knows maybe alternate generation of energy may not be cost effective even 10 years froom now. One day yes, or we can let a new regulated utility operate and make true competiton and prices compete and the customer base will grow again. Or is the dirty secret still true that cheaper energy is squashed by any means possible to keep competition out & scary change from happening?
    The other truth: with big money and bigger companies, mistakes are made which create big losses which need to be covered up and paid for. Who pays for it? The decision maker? the owner? or is it passed on to you and me because we can’t seem to elect the right people?
    Public utility is now private utility with Public rubber stampers. Ouch! Who didn’t see that coming? The longer they keep going the more calous they morph into.
    Right or wrong this opinion was formed by our industries’ and governments’ behavior they have demonstrated to me over time.

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