Fun with pleadings

My Type A personality usually comes out when I have to deal with electronic pleadings.  I have a specific way I like pleadings to be done — from the caption to the paragraphs to the page numbering.  If it is not done correctly, I’m almost compelled to fix it.  It’s like when I was studying for the bar exam— I couldn’t study unless the kitchen was clean. A dirty kitchen is too much of a distraction. So — the proper way to construct pleadings. Whether you use WordPerfect or Word, the caption should not be created using a series of tabs and repeated pushes of the space bar. Why not? It creates an imprecise document, and there are minute differences in spacing that can sometimes be seen in the final document. Also, if you ever have to change the caption (for example, by amending the complaint) everything gets thrown off. The best way to do it is to use tables.

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  1. Is this column a parody of the Iqbal/Twombly literature, or is it intended in all seriousness? It’s hard to tell.

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