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Maryland senators clean up immigrant tuition bill

ANNAPOLIS — A panel of Maryland senators is hoping a series of nighttime tweaks will help shepherd a plan to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants through the Senate.

The Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee voted Tuesday night to clean up the plan to grant illegal immigrants the same tuition rates at state-run universities that Maryland residents pay.

The full Senate is to begin debating the bill Wednesday morning.

The committee voted last week to require that illegal immigrants attend community college before they receive the in-state break at four-year universities, but questions of county residency forced them into the last-minute work session.

Although the committee sent the measure to the Senate last week, supporters opted to do the rework in committee where it faces less opposition.


  1. I can’t believe this is even on the table being discussed. Illegal immigrants should not even be allowed to attend Maryland Universities. Plus get a break on the tuition! No way.

  2. I very much hope that this legislation passes. I work with many smart, talented youth that just need an opportunity and this legislation will provide that opportunity.

  3. Finish the legalization process then get rewarded is my two cents.

  4. Does the word “LEGAL” mean nothing in this country anymore? This would be a good time to call INS since we can’t seem to identify illegals, but can give them in-state tuition. I also saw an ad for a ‘FREE CELL PHONE’ – paid for by the state. I have to pay for mine, but I’m sure we are giving those to illegals too.