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Top 5: Snowmageddon and same-sex marriage

Bylines from Steve Lash bookend this week’s Top 5 most-read stories by The Daily Record’s legal affairs team. Dispatches from Danny Jacobs — including a post for this blog — hold down the other three slots.

Lash’s account Friday of the House of Delegates sending the same-sex marriage bill back to committee made the list within an hour of its posting, so by the end of the day it will likely climb up these rankings.

1. Widow accepts $1.5 million settlement in wrongful-death lawsuit – by Steve Lash
The widow and child of a machinist killed while operating a boring machine in Baltimore have settled for $1.5 million in a wrongful-death lawsuit they filed against the manufacturer. David M. Desrosiers’ widow and daughter had sued Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools LLC for $20 million in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.

2. City sued over snow removal bill – by Danny Jacobs
A Glen Burnie snow removal company filed a $5.9 million lawsuit against Baltimore City on Wednesday, seeking to be paid for its work during last year’s historic snowstorms.

3. Montgomery County lawyer disbarred – by Danny Jacobs
The Court of Appeals has disbarred a Montgomery County lawyer who deposited two clients’ checks in his personal bank account and did not notify them when he left his Germantown practice.

4. (Overtly) political interlude at foreclosure hearing – by Danny Jacobs
Those breathlessly following my Twitter feed at the foreclosure hearing might have noticed this gem: “Aha – GOP member says gov’s solution is to raise taxes. Should have seen that coming.” Here’s some context for my political naivete.

5. Same-sex marriage bill fails in Md. House – by Steve Lash
After two hours of passionate debate Friday, the Maryland House of Delegates sent a bill legalizing same-sex marriage back to committee. Within minutes of the move, one leading lawmaker — Sen. Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery — said the action kills the bill this session.