Do I need a lawyer?

I’m aware of most of my professional limitations. When cases come in, I’m able to determine quickly whether it is something I can handle on my own, whether I need to associate with someone else, or whether it’s something I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Probably 98 percent of my cases are limited to a specific practice area. We handle tort cases, including automobile negligence, medical malpractice and product liability. But, that 2 percent is usually because something comes in the door that is really fascinating, or because I worry that the client won’t be able to find someone to help in what I feel is a meritorious case. There is one other reason that I take cases outside of my usual rubric:  it’s personal. About a year ago, I wrote about legal self-help. Well, I have another problem, and filing a lawsuit may be the only way to solve it.

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