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Montgomery County can’t enforce full pregnancy clinic law

GREENBELT — A federal judge has ruled that a portion of a Maryland county law targeting pro-life pregnancy clinics with signage requirements cannot be enforced.

Officials in Montgomery County passed a law last year that requires pregnancy clinics without licensed medical staff to post a sign. The law requires the sign to note the absence of medical staff and say that the county encourages pregnant women to consult with a licensed medical provider.

Federal Judge Deborah Chasanow ruled Tuesday in a written opinion that the county cannot enforce the latter part of the law while a legal challenge goes forward.

Lawyers for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative legal group, challenged the law on behalf of a pregnancy clinic that does not provide birth control or abortions, saying it was unconstitutional.

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  1. I red something bad about pregnancy clinic law.sure it is a big blow for a Maryland county law. hope they have to be patience until for further appeal