John Ferber talks about ‘Secret Millionaire’

Local fans of the ABC show "Secret Millionaire" saw a familiar face Sunday night -- John Ferber, who co-founded Advertising.com in the 1990s with his brother, Scott, and today lives in Palm Beach County, Fla. Ferber spent a week posing as a documentary filmmaker in the notorious Skid Row district of Los Angeles. The episode ended with Ferber cutting checks totaling $100,000 for three neighborhood organizations. He also purchased $20,000 in goods for the groups. Baltimore-based Advertising.com was acquired in 2004 for $435 million in cash; Ferber pocketed about $72 million in the deal. He has several Internet ventures percolating from his Florida base, including Microgiving.com, which we blogged about a couple of weeks ago. He says he was intrigued about going on reality TV after a producer for the show -- who read a profile of Ferber in a magazine -- forwarded him some YouTube clips of the British version of the program.

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  1. I think that John Ferber is an amazing person. He not only has a website for giving to charity but he genuinely gives his time and money on the show The Secret Millionaire. I was really inspired by not only him while watching his episode but was inspired by his mentors that he was volunteering with. He volunteered with a man named Amin a designer from West Hollywood who gave hygiene kits and clothes to the poor. I think thats the beauty of the show, the show inspires not only the millionaire but the audience. This show made me want to go out and help the homeless. Before this show I would be scared to do so. This show puts a positive spin on giving. John by the end of the show tells the camera that he is a changed man. I think that this show doesn’t just change John but changes everyone involved, the viewers, the millionaire, and the volunteer.

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