Kegasus the centaur urges on Preakness partiers

Greek mythology buffs know Pegasus was the child of Poseidon and the gorgon Medusa.

But Kegasus? Well, organizers of this year’s Preakness say the half-man, half-horse centaur just stepped into his man-stall after they organized an event so spectacular it accidentally ripped a hole in the fabric of awesomeness.

The mascot for this year’s Preakness Stakes follows the introduction last year of unlimited beer mugs. That move was made to bring the party back to the infield after a ban on bringing beer to the day-long party caused ticket sales to plummet.

The Kegasus mascot also comes on the heels of last year’s “Get Your Preak On” advertising campaign for the second leg of racing’s Triple Crown.



Infield Fest: http://www.theinfieldfest.com

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