Preakness mascot Kegasus sparks criticism

The new mascot for the Preakness Stakes is drawing criticism.

The Kegasus mascot introduced Tuesday is a half-man, half-horse horse centaur with a nipple ring and a beer gut. Kegasus urges those coming to infield at Pimlico Race Course for the second leg of racing’s Triple Crown to be legendary, a reference to the infield’s reputation for hard partying.

Delegate Pat McDonough complained last year about the race’s “Get Your Preak On” campaign and says he is no less disgusted this year. The delegate who represents Baltimore and Harford counties says Kegasus is infantile and creates a negative image.

Maryland Jockey Club President Tom Chuckas says organizers have never hidden the fact that they want young people to come to the infield and party. Chuckas says Kegasus speaks their language.

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  1. Oh, c’mon! Where’s their sense of humor? I think it’s freakin’ hilarious!

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