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Md. man pleads guilty in untaxed cigarette scheme

GREENBELT — A Maryland man has pleaded guilty to conspiring with others in a scheme to transport and distribute untaxed cigarettes.

Chun Chen of Bowie, Md., pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in Greenbelt. According to a plea agreement, Chen owned a restaurant in Maryland and for approximately six months bought untaxed cigarettes from two conspirators. He in turn sold the cigarettes to people in New York.

Chen faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced July 13. He is one of seven people charged in the scheme, including two Prince George’s County police officers. Authorities say the group bought cigarettes and alcohol from an undercover agent. Altogether they paid more than $1.7 million for the contraband cigarettes.


  1. Throw the book at those so called “officers”. They taint the rest of honest, hard-working police. Throw the dang book at them…..suckas!

  2. This article says untaxed cigarettes were sold. They were taxed where they were bought but the state of new york did’nt get the tax revenue from the sale of the cigarettes. new york was upset because without their exorbitant tax they would’nt be able to fund more mosques!It’s just another state legislature that was’nt able to steal and ripoff the consumer enough for their own personal political gain! I see nothing wrong with what this person did. I love reading the articles that show people cutting into the criminal states activities!

  3. I do not blame either the officers or Mr. Chen. It is a fact that we will continue to see more of these kinds of businesses opening up the more the government continues to gouge the people of America so they can continue to live their fat cat lifestyles.

    These businesses have always been in direct relation to government control, and the government has too much control. This is only the first stage of a coup…weapons will come into play as the government continues to crush us under their debt.