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Interactive: March’s revenue from Perryville, Ocean Downs casinos

Revenue from Maryland’s two slots casinos was up for the third straight month in March.

Click on the slot machine lever below to reveal how much of March’s revenue from the Hollywood Casino Perryville and Casino at Ocean Downs will go to the seven designated agencies and accounts.

Each month, we will update the interactive with current figures provided by the Maryland Lottery.*

*January through March revenue numbers and the Total amount reflect the state’s total revenue from both the Perryville and Ocean Downs casinos; December figures are just from the Hollywood Casino Perryville.

Here’s more on those seven agencies and accounts getting slots revenue:

Maryland Education Trust Fund: The bulk of the revenue (48.5 percent to 51 percent) goes to K-12 public school construction and community college and higher education building projects.

Casino share: The slots operators gets up to 33 percent of the revenue.

Horseracing purse account: 7 percent of the revenue is used to boost the winnings paid to horse owners at Maryland tracks, and support breeders in the state.

Local impact grants: Local governments home to slots parlors get 5.5 percent of the revenue generated. Some of that money also goes to communities neighboring Pimlico in Baltimore City and Rosecroft Raceway in Prince George’s County.

Racetrack facility renewal account: This fund for track upgrades gets 2.5 percent of the revenue.

Maryland Lottery: The state agency gets 2 percent of the revenue to cover its slots-related administrative costs.

Small, minority- and women-owned businesses: This money is set aside for business investment in these kinds of firms, with 1.5 percent of the revenue going to this fund.


  1. It’s a cool “app” you have there, making it seem like education funding is increasing by virtue of slot machine revenue. In truth, however, any revenue raised from slots goes to offset educational funding supplied by the State’s general fund. Thus, while it is technically true that slots money is going to education, the amount of revenue going to our schools remains constant. Those supporting the slots bill bet that they could fool the public with this shell game and your “app” proves them right.

  2. The Department of Education is a joke. Computers in every room so kids can play games while the teacher gives a lesson. In general, do you really thing that we need a computer in every classroom? Kids already know more than most teachers when it comes to computers and related technology. We need to stop waisting money on computers and other expenses that do not help kids with the basics: Math, English, Science, History … etc.