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Wind vote Thursday in Md. House committee

Dereck Davis, chairman of the House Economic Matters Committee, said Tuesday night that he expects his committee to vote on the governor’s wind energy proposal Thursday.

The committee has been considering some changes proposed by the governor to win over lawmakers skeptical about the costs. Davis previously said the bill could be voted on as soon as Wednesday, but the House has been preoccupied with other matters, including the capital budget, which passed Tuesday.

“They’re due a vote,” Davis said Tuesday evening after the chamber’s second session of the day. “We owe that to the administration to bring that up.”

Davis stuck to his prediction that the vote would be very close, a vote or two either way.

Indeed, Abigail Hopper, the governor’s energy adviser, stopped by the House chamber Tuesday just minutes after Davis spoke. She said she was to meet with Del. David D. Rudolph, the vice chairman of economic Matters, to discuss the wind bill as part of the administration’s effort to shore up its votes.