I hated the bar exam

I hated the bar exam. I really hated it. Although a pacifist in faith, I must confess I had some very bad thoughts for the folks who created the bar exam and those who graded it. The months leading up to it were a miserable existence of studying various subjects, some of which had very little to no impact in my law school life. I still remember looking at my BarBri book and reviewing the subjects with pure terror.


  1. This column is so silly and self-indulgent that it defies comment. I have a feeling you’re going to be overmatched by law practice.

  2. Eduardo Gonzalez

    And yet you found reason to read the article, my longest by far, and comment. No doubt a legal genius with a budding practice, I commend you for finding time from your busy, busy practice to insert irony in your comment.

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