MICA’s Simpson to lead Higher Education Users Group

Ted Simpson

Ted Simpson, director of administrative systems at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, was recently elected president of the Higher Education Users Group, which consists of more than 900 institutions in 28 countries that use application software from the Oracle Corp.

Before coming to MICA, Simpson held positions in academic services and information technology at the University of Maryland School of Law and Johns Hopkins University.

At MICA, Simpson is responsible for guiding overall strategy, managing implementation and upgrade projects, and overseeing production support for all administrative information technology.

He also advises companies on the future of technology within higher education.

Ted Simpson

Education: B.A. in English from University of Maryland, College Park; MBA and M.S. in information systems (in progress) from Johns Hopkims Carey Business School; attended law school (University of Maryland) for long enough to decide not to be a lawyer; attended art school (Schuler School, Baltimore) and loved every minute of it.
Resides in: Baltimore right now, but I’ll be back to my beloved Washington, D.C., as soon as I can.
Daily commute: I travel a lot these days, so commuting is less routine. I am often zipping between Baltimore and Washington for school, work, travel, life. Traffic around here is a killer!
Hobbies: I enjoy playing chess with my dad. I like visiting art museums, old cemeteries, battlefields, great old universities, and great big cities. I have come to enjoy traveling more and more. I spend as much time in New York City as possible. My family and I vacation in Maine every summer.
Most recently read: “The Empire Project: The Rise and Fall of the British World-System” by John Darwin.
Favorite food: If it is summer and I am out on the bay, then crabs (soft shell, hard shell, crab cakes, stewed jimmies); my mother-in-law has a place on an island out on the bay, so that is where we go for crabs. If we are in Maine, then lobster rolls. Otherwise, I will be very happy with a nice steak and a good glass of wine — crème brulee and strong coffee for dessert.
Favorite quotation: “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.” — Hamlet 5.2

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