Baltimore midwife charged in Va. with manslaughter

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A well-known Baltimore midwife has been indicted on involuntary manslaughter charges in Virginia after a baby she tried to deliver from a breech position died shortly after birth.

A grand jury in Alexandria also indicted Karen Carr on charges of child abuse, neglect and acting without a license.

Carr, who has delivered more than 1,200 babies, was certified to practice in Maryland but not Virginia.

Carr’s lawyer, John Zwerling, said a 43-year-old first time mother sought Carr out after an Alexandria midwife practice advised against a home birth because the baby’s breech position could cause complications.

Zwerling said the baby became temporarily stuck during delivery, and was not breathing by the time he fully emerged. He was declared dead at a nearby hospital

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  1. Educated Birth Consumer

    Babies and mothers die all of the time in hospitals. Why are the OBs not charged with manslaughter in those cases???

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