Never eating alone: Marketing for young lawyers

When I first started practicing law, my main focus revolved around the actual practice of law. After a clerkship in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, I spent time in private practice with a primary focus on asbestos defense cases on behalf of one large client. After a couple of years, I moved to Bowie & Jensen, the law firm in which I have been with for more than six years, representing individuals and businesses with any of their legal needs. As the years have passed, so has my focus. In addition to the actual practice of law (i.e. trying cases, taking depositions, providing legal advice to clients), I am also required to assist in the marketing of the firm. This includes presenting seminars on legal topics, networking with potential clients, and establishing relationships with those within and outside of the legal community. For some of us, marketing and self promotion is second nature, but for others, this is not one of our strengths. Many attorneys joke that law schools do a terrible job in preparing its students to practice law. In some ways, however, it is true.

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