Stephanie A. Gallagher hearing cases as new magistrate judge

Stephanie A. Gallagher, a former federal prosecutor and then criminal defense attorney, was sworn in as a magistrate judge in Baltimore last week and has begun considering cases.

Gallagher, who was nominated to the bench along with Timothy J. Sullivan in January but had to first pass a background check, filled the vacancy created by now-U.S. District Judge James K. Bredar’s elevation in December.

Sullivan must wait until U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles B. Day is confirmed as an Article III judge by the U.S. Senate before he becomes Gallagher’s peer in Greenbelt.

Magistrate judges, who are appointed to eight-year terms by the U.S. District judges, handle various preliminary and pretrial matters and can preside over certain kinds of civil and criminal trials.

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  1. I am apalled by the appointment of Stephanie A. Gallagher to this position. As AUSA, Gallagher engaged in blatant fabrication of evidence to procure wrongful convictions and was a shining example of the new level of McCarthyism resurrected by the Bush Administration in the wake of 9-11. This is an individual who worked directly under Thomas DiBiagio, the U.S. Attorney fired for corruption in 2004 when he directed his AUSA’s including Gallagher to procure convictions of high-profile Democrats in the run-up to the election. Corrupt individuals like Gallagher threaten the lives of every innocent person cannot be allowed on the federal bench under any circumstance!!!!

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