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Reserved for Art Donovan

So, I was checking out the pandemonium next to TDR‘s offices Wednesday morning for Gov. William Donald Schaefer’s funeral service at Old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Lots of police and lots of citizens lining up to be seated — well before doors opened to the church at 9 a.m. I couldn’t even cross Charles Street without tripping on a microphone cord for TV crews.

While I’m taking it in and leaning against the Tremont Grand hotel, some of its employees come out with four gold-colored, nicely cushioned chairs and lined them up on the sidewalk just next to me. One employee tapes on printed sheets of paper: “Reserved For Art Donovan.” Another employee sets up a velvet rope barricade around the chairs.

So I asked the friendly doorman what the deal was. He said that apparently Art Donovan, of Baltimore Colts defense fame, wanted a reserved outdoor view of the procession. He then asked me if I knew who Art Donovan was, just to make sure. Of course I know who Art Donovan is, he was on Nickelodeon’s Pete and Pete one time!

Kidding. I think almost anyone who’s grown up in Baltimore, even after the Colts left the city, has still seen Donovan if they’ve ever watched a little WJZ.