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Thanks, Roseanne

April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day. Or Staff Day.

Whatever you want to call it, and whatever you think of the “Hallmark” holidays, it should be a day that reminds us to take some extra time out of our busy schedules to respect and thank the people who make our jobs possible.

As attorneys, we tend to be obsessed with making every minute (or every six-minute increment) count. We are absolutely focused on making our clients happy. And, in a client-driven, service industry, we should be.

But at the same time, it’s far too easy to forget that we also work with people. Very important people. People without whom we would be unable to function (no matter how self-sufficient you think you are). They make our professional lives function more smoothly, and help us keep everyone happy.

We shouldn’t need an excuse or a reason to thank these wonderful people. But, sometimes we do need a reminder.  So, take advantage of it.

Thank your assistant. And while you’re at it, thank the other people who go out of their way to make your job easier.

Thanks, Roseanne.