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Pa.-based Acme Markets to lay off 900 workers in 4 states including Md.

MALVERN, Pa. — Acme Markets says it’s laying off 900 workers at its stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

The company, which has about 14,000 employees at its 117 stores, says the layoffs will take effect May 7 and affect part-time workers, mostly those who work 12 to 16 hours a week.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the decision comes two weeks after Acme’s parent company, Minnesota-based Supervalu, reported that sales in the last quarter fell once again at its supermarket chains in the Northeast.

Dan Sanders, president of Malvern-based Acme, said in a statement that the company needed to take the action because it has more associates than it needs for the current level of sales.


  1. 14k employees at 117 stores. That’s about 119 employees/store. Really? That seems excessive (at least for the few Acme stores I’ve ever patronized).

  2. I shop at acme and its run on a skelton crew. I will not check out my own groceries.I don`t quite see any extra help. maybe if you would have the items on sale in stock,that would help. don1t give me the B.S. that Union wages are driving up costs . I shop at two other Union markets and they Both are cheaper than Acme .What does your corporate Payroll look like or is that what`s driving the prices up and the customers out ??????Ulatee d(df1)

  3. I have worked for Acme for more than 12 years and since it affects “mostly those who work 12 to 16 hours a week,” what the company is saying is that they want to keep those employees who are both more available to Acme and in more in need of a job.

    If you are working 12 to 16 hours a week you are probably not supporting a full-family on those hours alone.

    Assuming the article above is accurate, I think that is the way to do it. Seniority or buddy-system not being used. Good. Those employees being kept are giving more are being rewarded as such.

    Come on Acme associates….Remember your G.O.T.!

    Way to go Acme!