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Bank error in MY favor

OK, maybe it was actually MY error for not catching it when Bank of America started charging me — incorrectly it turns out — maintenance fees for my checking and savings accounts.

Actually, I did notice the savings account maintenance charge, and that’s what led me to question the teller when I made a deposit.  I thought that a $10 per month maintenance charge for that account — on top of a $20 per month charge for a checking account — was a bit much. Especially since I have an open home equity line at Bank of America.

The personal banker I eventually talked to did a lot of squinting at his computer, and after about five minutes he told me that I shouldn’t be paying ANY maintenance charges.

“What are the odds of me getting it all back,” I asked him.

“Pretty good,” he answered.

So yesterday, I got a total of $307 returned to my checking and savings accounts. Talk about found money. I felt like I had just picked the right “Community Chest” card.

Can anybody top that?