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Ticket story picks up speed

Maybe I should start calling myself James Liskow’s agent.

Liskow is the Bowie lawyer I wrote about in Tuesday’s paper who beat a speed camera ticket. His feat got him on WBAL radio in the morning and spots on the evening news in Washington and Baltimore.

He does a much better job explaining his story in the radio interview than I did in my story. You can see in the television interviews the mix of excitement and amusement in his eyes, that his effort to fight a ticket has drawn so much attention.

And he’s prepared to keep fighting, if necessary. I called Liskow back with some follow-up questions Monday afternoon. As we chatted, I mentioned a Montgomery County police spokeswoman said the agency was considering an appeal. His was response was immediate:

“Bring it.”


  1. The case will be affirmed or reversed and the law will be enforced or changed. When the little bit of dust raised by this has settled, Liskow will have wasted money and time to make a non-point (unless fighting traffic tickets is his highest and best use – I take no position on that). Why is this a story and some middle school boy challenging a school dress code is not? Maybe the MSM should limit itself to 140 characters as well. It wouldn’t do anything for the intelligence of its stories, but it might reduce their footprint.

  2. Bring it? Is this one of those dancing-cheerleaders-with-funky-grooves-beat-the-odds-and-win-state-championship movies?