Get your geek on with computer software upgrades

Over the past year, my firm has been incrementally upgrading technology. We scan every document, and all of the lawyers have smartphones linked to our email.  Our case management software is about 10 years old now, and having come from a firm that used case management software to the hilt, that’s been the toughest transition for me. Case management software is the heart and soul of case organization. Most of them are similar in function. A good program will store all information about a case in one location — documents are linked, e-mails are linked, notes are linked, to do’s are linked, contacts are linked and events are linked. My history is with Time Matters, which I consider to be a terrific program. My current firm uses Needles and, as I said, the outdated version we use is about ten years old. So old that when entering a contact, there is no place for cell phones. There is, however, a spot for car phones.  Does anyone have a car phone, anymore?  I’m most excited about the calendar — I look forward to accessing my calendar from my phone and being able to compare calendars of the entire office without getting up to look at the paper (gasp!) calendars of my co-workers. As with any software upgrade, there will be growing pains.

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